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Wildlife World Zoo

If you love animals and the great outdoors, you will want to visit the Wildlife World Zoo and Aquarium. This place is home to over 600 species of animals and facilitates human-animal exchanges. Located at 16501 W Northern Ave, Litchfield Park, AZ 85340. Animals can be seen up close at feeding time, so make sure you spend at least four to five hours at the zoo. You can also ride the tram and take a stroll through the park. You can see giraffes and other exotic animals up close.


The zoo was founded by Mickey Ollson, an Arizona native who dreamed up the idea for the zoo as a child. He oversaw its rapid growth and worked on the grounds daily. Last year, he received the Zoological Association of America's Lifetime Achievement Award. The zoo is now owned by Ollson's family, and the zoo spans over 100 acres.


The Zoo is home to nearly 600 species of animals, including African elephants, rhinoceros, lions, and giraffes. There are 10 different rides, as well as petting stations for the little ones. A tram ride takes visitors through the 15-acre safari park. Here, you'll see a white lion, kudu antelopes, and baboons. You'll also see giraffes, gazelles, and watusi cattle.

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Among the other highlights of a visit to the zoo are the penguins. The birds in this zoo have been undergoing extensive breeding programs and improvements to their enclosures. You can also enjoy shows and feed the animals in their natural habitat. You can also spend some quality time just relaxing at the zoo's lush tropical settings. And, you can't beat the views! Wildlife World Zoo is the perfect destination for kids of all ages!


There are many ways to keep animals cool during the summer months. Many animals have built-in water features in their housing, and some have air conditioning. Irrigation is a great way to provide cooling for the animals and keep them cool, and it also serves as summer enrichment. During hot days, keepers can even give the animals giant ice cubes or sprinklers to play in. Whether the animals are swimming in water, they have no shortage of fun enrichment opportunities.


The Zoo has been committed to preserving and displaying endangered felines since the 1970s. The zoo has made a multiyear financial commitment to the cheetah conservation fund and other organizations saving endangered species in Africa. You can learn more about zoos, including wildlife photography, by taking a workshop with Amy Miller. And, as a bonus, you'll get to see cheetahs up close!

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