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Vista del Cerro

Vista Del Cerro in Phoenix AZ is a Hotspot for Young Professionals and Families

Located on the eastern side of San Diego, the city of Del Cerro has become a hotspot for young professionals and families. With easy access to Interstates 8 and 15, the neighborhood is close to several universities and parks. It has a strong economy and low unemployment rate. In fact, the median price for a home in the area is around $703,000 on average.


Del Cerro borders the city of La Mesa and San Carlos. Del Cerro has a population of around 5,600 people. Del Cerro has a quaint feel and many homes are located on hillsides. There are some apartments for rent and apartments for sale in the area. There are also some new home communities that are being built in the area.

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Del Cerro is an enclave of beautiful homes that combines a resort-style backyard with a home that is packed with amenities. There are outdoor lounges, a pool, and even a spa. Other amenities include a fire pit and BBQ. In addition, residents can enjoy a free breakfast at a restaurant located next door to their home.


Vista Del Cerro is located at 6750 Caminito Del Greco, San Diego, CA. This location is also a great place to enjoy views of the city lights. If you are looking for a home with all the amenities, you may want to consider Vista del Cerro. The home that you are looking at is a new construction and has recently been remodeled. The amenities that the home offers include a fireplace, a remodeled kitchen, and a swimming pool. This is a nice home for a family with children.


The Vista del Cerro home also has a nice outdoor living area that provides the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful sunsets. The backyard is loaded with natural light and has plenty of room for entertaining. The home also has an outdoor kitchen with a grill. In addition, the home has a great view of the surrounding mountains.


Another nice feature is the free Wi-Fi that Vista del Cerro provides. This allows residents to stay connected to work and other tasks. It is also important to remember that the home is located in a warmer inland location. In fact, the weather is much warmer than the nearby beaches.


In addition to the swimming pool, residents can enjoy a day pass to the nearby Baldi resort. The hotel also offers a restaurant that serves regional cuisine. In addition, the hotel has an extensive garden. The rooms are equipped with cable television and air conditioning.


While Del Cerro is a relatively new community, it has a strong economy and plenty of jobs to go around. Some residents even travel to the city center to work. There are also a number of schools that are ranked well. In fact, the test scores for Del Cerro students are higher than those in the state. The median home value is also fairly high, compared to other similar communities in the area.

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