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Normal Junction

Located in the eastern part of the Phoenix metropolitan area, Normal Junction Arizona is an interesting place to explore on your next weekend getaway. This city is located halfway between Phoenix and Gilbert and is about 70 miles from Tucson. Despite its closeness to the city, it is very calm and quiet. You can enjoy the quietness of the area while exploring its attractions. Besides, it is also close to 500 cities, so you can easily find other places to visit.


The best time to visit Normal Junction Arizona is during the warm season of mid-June to mid-July. The average high temperature for this time is 65 degF. On the other hand, the average low temperature is 42 degF. The city also experiences seasonal variations in rainfall. It has 7.1 days with rain alone and 1.0 days with at least 0.04 inches of precipitation. In addition, the city experiences some very humid months.


In addition, the month of August has 6.3 muggy days. The city also experiences some freezing temperatures. On the other hand, the drier season lasts from February 28 to July 7. The month of July is the windiest month. The average wind speed is around 4 knots.

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The average monthly rainfall in Apache Junction is 1.4 inches. The lowest precipitation is in the week of January 3 and the highest is in the week of June 14. It is important to note that the number of days that have various forms of precipitation (rain, snow, sleet, or rain alone) is not determined. It is also important to note that trace quantities of precipitation are not included in the percentage.


The average temperature for Apache Junction is about 41degF. The weather in this city is usually cloudy during the day. In fact, the average daytime temperature is overcast 38% of the time. The lowest dew point is a few degrees above the average, indicating that perspiration evaporation is not rapid enough to cool the body. In addition, the dew point varies more slowly than the temperature.


There is no travel warning for Normal Junction. However, you should check the road conditions around the city. If the roads are not clear, you could be stranded in the area. In addition, you should also check the topography of the area. The topography within 2 miles of Apache Junction is moderately variable, consisting of modest elevation changes. The area is mostly covered by shrubs (83%), but there are also some areas of artificial surfaces (17%). The topography within 50 miles of Apache Junction is more extreme, and it contains extensive variations in elevation.


The windiest months in Apache Junction are April and July. The average top sustained winds are 13 knots in April and 5 knots in July. The predominant average hourly wind direction is east for 5.9 months and west for 6.1 months.


During the winter, freezing temperatures are possible in Apache Junction. It is also important to note that the city has no travel warnings for the United States.


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