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What Is Hyperbaric Wound Care

Using hyperbaric oxygen therapy is a great way to speed up the healing process of wounds. This noninvasive treatment is designed to improve the circulation of blood, stimulate the growth of new blood vessels and reduce the pain and swelling associated with chronic wounds. It is also effective in treating gangrene and infections. It can also be used to treat damaged skin grafts and surgical wounds.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy has become increasingly popular in recent years. Often, this type of treatment is the best option for patients with chronic wounds. However, it is important to discuss this treatment with your health care provider before you consider using it. There are some side effects that you may experience, such as headaches and fatigue. You should also take into consideration any other medical conditions you may have.


The process of hyperbaric oxygen therapy involves breathing 100% oxygen at pressures two to three times higher than normal. The extra oxygen in your blood helps to fight bacteria and stimulates the release of stem cells. These cells are healing cells that help to reduce swelling and build new connective tissue. They also help to kill bacteria and are able to rapidly reproduce new blood vessels.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is often used in conjunction with standard wound treatments to improve the healing process. This treatment has been proven to improve healing time and reduce the risk of recurrence in some cases. It has also been used to treat a wide range of injuries and infections, including radiation injuries, bone infections, surgical wounds and necrotizing soft tissue infections.


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Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is safe and can be administered by a trained staff member. Using HBOT may also be a good treatment option for those with diabetes. Diabetics can experience complications in their lower extremities, which can lead to chronic wounds that do not heal. HBOT can be used to treat these wounds and to prevent amputation. It also helps those who are recovering from cancer because it helps to eliminate harmful toxins and stop the infection.


HBOT has been used to treat patients with a number of medical conditions, including burns, radiation injuries, bone infections, and even compartment syndrome. The treatment is safe and effective, and can save limbs from amputation.


The Hyperbaric Wound Care Center provides a full range of treatments, including hyperbaric medicine. A team of physicians, nurses, and other healthcare professionals work with you to assess and treat your wounds. They work with your doctor and other members of your health care team to help you achieve a faster, healthier recovery. They also work to prevent recurrences and improve your quality of life.


The Hyperbaric Wound Care Centre is staffed by a team of medical professionals and technicians that are dedicated to providing comprehensive treatment to people who have wounds. Your doctor and the team will work together to evaluate your wound and determine whether or not you are a good candidate for hyperbaric treatment. The treatment takes about two hours, and most patients need about five sessions a week for four to six weeks.

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