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Located in Phoenix, Arizona, the Taliverde neighborhood is part of a larger area known as Biltmore Greens III. This area offers a variety of housing options, including both single-family and multi-family homes. The neighborhood is home to a number of executives, managers, and professionals, which shape the neighborhood's character. It is also a top choice for retirees, offering an excellent quality of life.


The neighborhood is located near the famous Arizona Biltmore Golf Course. Residents of this area enjoy spectacular views of the Phoenix Mountain Preserve. They also enjoy the privacy of a community setting. Homes in this area are available for a wide range of prices, from $500,000 to $2 million. Regardless of what type of home you choose, you will enjoy an incredible view of the Phoenix Mountains.

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In addition to the breathtaking views of the Phoenix Mountains, homeowners in this neighborhood have the advantage of living in a quaint, private setting. There are also many amenities available, including a swimming pool, tennis courts, and more. Residents of the Taliverde neighborhood are also close to other Phoenix neighborhoods, such as Camelback East, which is just two miles away.


Biltmore Greens III / Taliverde is an established neighborhood, meaning that most homes were built between 1970 and 1999. The real estate in this area is primarily made up of small and medium-sized homes. The area is also primarily made up of apartment complexes and high-rise apartments. The median home price in this neighborhood is $936,658. This makes the area one of the more expensive neighborhoods in Arizona.


The neighborhood has a relatively high percentage of people with college degrees, with a large number of residents obtaining their four-year bachelor's degree. The average number of bachelor's degrees held by adults in this area is 32.9%, which is above the national average of 32.9%. There are also a large number of residents with advanced degrees, such as doctors, lawyers, and accountants. The area is also a great place for people who work from home, as the majority of residents work in the technological and creative industries.


Many residents of the Biltmore Greens III / Taliverde neighborhood are managers, professionals, and executives. The majority of working residents in this area spend between 15 and 30 minutes on a one-way commute to work. However, this neighborhood is also one of the least affected by the issue of poverty. The area's child poverty rate is among the lowest in the United States, at 0.0%.


Unlike many other areas of Phoenix, the Taliverde neighborhood has a high concentration of executives. The restaurant industry in this area has seen a 3.5% decline in income in the past two years, which is causing tension among the area's restaurant owners. This is especially true in the area's restaurant sector, where owners are attempting to hold prices down while also paying their employees livable wages. The area has over 8,687 restaurants, a number that is increasing, making it a great place for people who are looking to live in an area that offers a variety of dining options.

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