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Great City of Phoenix 

Known for its palm trees, the weather in Phoenix is warm and dry. It is a great place for outdoor enthusiasts to take advantage of all the beauty that the area has to offer. Phoenix also has many parks and other outdoor attractions, making it a great place to visit.


The Phoenix Art Museum has a long history. It was first established as a community art collection, but has since risen to fame as a museum that exhibits contemporary and classical art. There are numerous exhibits in the museum that will appeal to visitors of all ages.


The Phoenix arts district runs from 7th Avenue to 16th Street, and features murals, sculptures, and other works of art. The area is also home to an open-air market where local crafts, food, and entertainment can be purchased. The Hive is an artistic collective in central Phoenix that brings together a collection of purveyors of the arts.

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The Navajo Code Talkers Tribute sculpture is a great way to pay homage to the Native people of the region. It was designed by Vietnam War veteran Doug Hyde, and depicts a young boy wearing traditional garb and holding a flute. The flute is a traditional Navajo communication symbol of peace.


The Global Music Museum has a nifty music lesson. This museum features concerts and a John Lennon piano. You will also find an interactive exhibit that will teach you the basics of music. The museum also has a musical instrument store where you can purchase an acoustic guitar.


Point of Interest #1 Cactus Candy Company,2656 N 37th Dr, Phoenix, AZ 85009


Point of Interest #2 Big D Floor Covering Supplies, 2802 W Virginia Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85009


Point of Interest #3 St. Mary's Food Bank, 2831 N 31st Ave, Phoenix, AZ 8500

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