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Originally an English settlement, Cartwright is now a settlement in Labrador, Canada. It was founded in 1775 by Captain George Cartwright, who began a fish and fur trading business. He sold the business to Hunt and Henley in 1815, and in 1873, Cartwright was purchased by the Hudson's Bay Company. Since 2002, Cartwright has been connected to Blanc Sablon, Quebec, and Newfoundland. Cartwright's history is documented in the Early Cartwright Notables. This is included in all of our PDF Extended History products.


The English language has no definite rules for spelling, and there are many different ways to spell one's own name. Many people who are literate change the way they spell their own names to fit with the way they are pronounced. Cartwright's name is derived from an Old English words, "wain" and "wright." The meaning of the word is tradesperson.

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Major John Cartwright, a nineteenth-century English writer, influenced the working class movement in England. He wrote The Ultimate Guide to Bricklaying and other bricklaying courses, which taught the construction process. He had a large influence on the mainstream of reform in England in the nineteenth century. He was elected to the National House of Representatives in 1846 and was a professor at Trinity College, Cambridge. He was a leading advocate of radical reform, and he wrote several essays on natural science. His biography provides a glimpse into the life of an important English reformer.


The Cartwright School District is located in the Maryvale neighborhood of Phoenix. The district has 21 schools and serves 24,875 students in grades K-8. The majority of the students are Hispanic. The district is not considered to be a top-performing district, but it does not have a shortage of resources. In June, the district received a 84-passenger Blue Bird electric school bus. This school bus was purchased through a Diesel Emissions Reduction Act grant. It will help the district reduce its nitrogen oxide emissions. This will help the district improve the environment, and will benefit the district in the long run.


The Maryvale neighborhood of Phoenix is an urban community. It has a large population of foreign-born residents, and many of them bring values from their native communities. In the mid-1980s and 1990s, the neighborhood was a crime-ridden area. Many residents left the neighborhood, and other communities worked with the local police department to keep crime at bay. However, the neighborhood became part of the Cartwright School District in the late 1990s, when the mall that was located on the site was sold to the district.


In the early 1900s, Maryvale was one of the most popular shopping malls between Dallas and the west coast. However, the mall declined in the mid-1990s, and some residents left the area. Some communities worked with the police department to keep crime at bay, and others worked with social groups to seed the area with youth programs.

The Cartwright School District is not considered to be a top-performing school district, but it does not have a low-resource district. The district recently received a Blue Bird electric school bus, which will help it to reduce its nitrogen oxide emissions. Electric buses are becoming more common throughout the United States. It is not necessary to pay for maintenance and oil changes for an electric bus, and it saves money in the long run.

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